Exploring A Message To Martians

4 min readFeb 8, 2022

Message To Martians is a on-chain project with 4 current collections (3 minor, 1 main) which are:

  • MTM Messages
  • MTM Space Capsules
  • MTM Transponders
  • MTM Characters

MTM Characters is now our core NFT and holding it has 2 benefits:

  • Yield our utility token, $MES, passively when holding which can be used
    - to upgrade your character’s Base Points
    - to upgrade your character’s Equipment Level
    - to use in our characters building ecosystem
  • Access to our Community through Discord Verification
A fully augmented MTM Character

MTM Characters can be Augmented which burns either a set of Space Capsules + Transponders, or another MTM Character, to upgrade your existing Character. When you do that, your Augment amount will increase, your Character Rank may increase as well, changing your Character’s appearance.

MTM Characters can be Augmented to Increase in Rank

Character Ranks currently is purely cosmetic.

$MES Utility

$MES Interface

$MES was created the main Utility Token for our Ecosystem.

Currently, $MES is primarily used to level up your character, augment, and upgrade your equipment. All these actions cost $MES and in turn increase your $MES yield for your character.

Additionally, you can even Rename, Reroll, Upload, or Write your own Bio for your MTM Character. All of them will be reflected in a change of your MTM Character’s image and bio.

Lots of Configurations for your Character

MTM Interoperability

MTM was created with an Open Interface in mind. Thus, we created the ability to query all the data of each Character and Space Capsule in the Smart Contract itself. Builders are able to query the Character’s

  • Level
  • Bio
  • Name
  • Equipment
  • and everything else!

Which allows anyone to build on top of the MTM Ecosystem and interface MTM with their project, allowing a multitude of possibilities.

One of the interoperabilities that is built-in into the MTM contract itself is the ability to upload new Races and allow users to be able to upload those races into their character for $MES. For example, a project creator may have created a new project and would like to have their project appear in more NFTs. They can contact the MTM team, which would accept payments in $MES to create art and upload it to the MTM ecosystem for community members to display their MTM version of their NFT on their MTM Character.

MTM Characters are able to be interfaced with openly!

Space Capsules and Transponders

Space Capsules and Transponders were minted together. Transponders are used to write MTM Messages, and together the Space Capsules and Transponders were able to be combined together to create a MTM Character.

The MTM Beaming System

The Message to Martians

Messages was created as a token to represent a souvenir for writing a message to the “Message to Martians”. They are written by providing a Transponder ID which will be recorded and only able to be used once. In turn, you get to write a word in the Message to Martians.

Broadcast a Message
The Current Message To Martians