Introducing On Chain Kongz

On Chain Kongz!

The Original On Chain Data

Each CyberKongz has a special tracker in the original contract which is called Kongz DNA. It is a uint256 which can be translated back to bytes32 and then chopped up into bytes8 and then transcoded into uint32s in order to discover their on-chain traits. A system implemented by Owl of Moistness since the inception of the CyberKongz contract.

Kongz DNA
Kongz Building Blocks

The KongzBound Tokens

The On Chain Kongz are KongzBound. They “Gallery” pieces that are completely Gasless, non-user-transferrable, and will always automatically jump to the new owner’s wallet on any transfer of CyberKongz.

A Special OwnerOf

Creating the On Chain Kongz

First, we had to decode the Kongz DNA to get the necessary data to build on top of it.

Decoding Kongz DNA

Rendering the On Chain Kongz

Then, I had to define all the on-chain assets and map them together, which resulted in over 20 contracts having to be deployed across the EVM.



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