Introduction to Phantom Minting

The First Half of Phantom Minting

  • I was able to lock the transfers of the old collection
  • If the owner mapping of the new contract does not exist (belongs to address(0x0), but the token ID is within the range of the totalSupply of the token, this means that the token must exist, and belong to the owner of the token in the previous contract which is locked.
A Proxied OwnerOf function

The Second Half of Phantom Minting

An initialize function used to Phantom Mint all the migrated tokens
  • ERC721A from Azuki’s NFT which used Phantom Minting logic into a minting contract instead of a migration contract to allow very low gas batch minting of NFTs.
  • Cyber Turtles which uses Phantom Minting logic and Single Contract staking in order to generate sTokens (Proof of Stake) tokens to prove staking as well as able to use it for ownership verification and such through a standard ownerOf interface. (This allows something like to read from it easily)
  • More to come? :)



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