Message to Martians Roadmap

  • Collaboratively write an on-chain message
  • Create a loot-like NFT that anyone can use however they want
  • Uploading Characters
  • Rerolling Characters
  • Changing Name
  • Changing Bio
  • Leveling Stats
  • Augmenting Characters
A MTM Native Character
  • Augmenting Characters
  • Leveling up Base Points
  • Upgrading Equipment
  • Rerolling Race
  • Upload New Race
  • Change Name
  • Change Bio
$MES Interface

Introducing the Satellite Station

A Satellite Mint Implementation
  • Smart Contract developers were hesitant of creating another function for minting
  • Smart Contract developers were not confident in implementing a new logic flow into their Smart Contract
  • Existing projects that would like to participate in the ecosystem could not as their Smart Contract was already created
  • Upcoming projects had Smart Contracts already finished or in the final works and did not want to change their functionality

Satellite Launchpad

This project has a 100% want-to-mint-with-MES rate

L2 $MES Bridge and Whitelist Vending Machine

  • Recording their address on-chain for the whitelist
  • Transferring $MES to the receiver address for the whitelist cost (configurable by project owners)
  • Emitting an Event of their whitelist registration
  • Updating the front-end interface through their interaction
MTM WL Vending Machine System

Core Developments

  • Interoperability of Projects
  • Contributing to the NFT Space as a whole
  • Creating additional Utility for NFTs and its Utility Tokens

Other Developments and Goals

  • Share alpha and project insights among each other
  • Communicate and collaborate with projects and encourage $MES and MTM Ecosystem integration
  • Create gaming guilds and play games together
  • Create development resources and community to encourage community-driven developments


  • VX Models for Characters
  • Metaverse Games integration (such as World Wide Webb3)
  • A SandBox plot that we will create a Mars Base in for our community to hang out in (pending preview)
Prototype of a VX Character
Prototype of a WWW3 Character

Space Exploration Fund (SpaceX Fund)

  • A Sandbox Plot
  • A Large Apartment (WWW3)
  • An Ember Sword Land
  • MTM Characters
  • Know more about our project
  • Pitch your project idea to our Satellite Launchpad
  • Pitch a community-driven development for funding
  • Pitch a NFT Project that integrates $MES and MTM Ecosystem for funding



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